I can complete a Range Test, but XCTU can't discover my XBee ZigBee.

I have two XBee ZigBees (S2C) and could connect to them with XTCU through an Arduino Uno from which I have removed the 328P chip. I could change parameters and do a range test and everything was working perfectly. Then, I stopped working with for them a few hours and when I came back, I couldn’t connect to one of them (but I can with the second pair, just like before). However, connecting to the working one and powering up the “faulty” one, I can perfectly complete a range test. What can I do?

**Also, it seems to me that I can’t reset them. I tried shorting pin 5 to ground but the prompt window never closed on its own.


Get an XBee Development board. The way you are working with them can actually damage the module. Not to mention the Arduino boards do not connect the required DTR and RTS lines through for you to change or write firmware with.