I can't log into a WR31 what should I do?

I have a WR31 that I can’t log into.

do you have a password label?

Yes. I have reset the WR31 to default settings. However, when I get to the wizards screen and try to log in it doesn’t accept the username= username, password= password.

There are multiple options for the username/password defaults depending on when it shipped and what factory firmware is on the router when you defaulted it.

Possible options could be:
username/unique password on the label
admin/unique password on the label

If you are having issues, use SSH rather than the web interface as caching issues can cause problems as well. On newer software there are incorrect password timeouts that also simply show as a failed user/pass combo so be careful how many attempts you make.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT

following california SB-327: you have to a unique password also have you compered product label and loose label (password) are there same IMEI,MAC,SN?

other possible causes:

Password label couldn’t part of Product (wrong passoword Label)