i.mx53 TV-Out with Yocto 1.4.1

I am now trying for some time the TV out (PAL) to activate in Yocto. Unfortunately, without success. Is there a guide or an idea how this could be done?
I’ve tried various parameters in the bootloader (setenv video …), VGA and LCD function properly, but I need a composite video output.
Thanks in advance for the help



how is your TV connected to the development board?

And are you having SBC or EA kit?

thank you for your questions. I use at the moment a JSK to test purposes.
As I understand the whole thing would have to at TVE, depending on the mode, the corresponding signal to the VGA connector to be tapped. The TV_OUT_MODE-5 (Y / C and CVBS) I would prefer since then would have to the VGA connector on Green Y, Red in C, and CVBS blue bear.
The only question is: How do I get back with the Yocto?
What startup parameters I have to give to the U-BOOT?
Do I need to adjust something in the kernel?
With VGA, the thing runs flawlessly …

Thank you for your support.



i.mx53 SoC has a television encoder (TVE) which can operate in two modes, VGA or TV standards. Digi only supports VGA on DEL/DEY. Digi can offer design services support to implement the feature.