i.mx6 IO Mux file available for Connectcore 6 SBC?

Is there an i.mx6 IOMUX Tool design file (or equivalent) available for the Connectcore 6 SBC?
If so, can someone point me to it?

Unfortunately, there is no IOmux tool available for cc6.

Hi wlear,

I just started playing around with the IOMux tool. Perhaps you have already figured this out, but you can start a new design based on the ConnectCore 6 SBC. In the tool, select ‘New’ -> Name your design -> Select your variant (in the sbc case, its Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 1GB/1GB) -> Select LGA and then Start from an existing template

Hopefully it should point you in the right direction ( or anyone wanting to mess with the SBC pin outs)


I just realized you mean the ConnectCore 6 SBC (not 6UL SBC), in which case LeonidM is correct