I need a urgent help for taking RSSI values in arduino.

Hi guys. I’m using two arduino unos, libelium xbee shields (link is below) and xbee series1(AP set to transparent) modules. One is sender ,the other is receiver. How can i take RSSI value and approximate distance?Can u send arduino sketch for this function?I look forward to your reply.Please help


You cannot.

RSSI is a very unreliable parameter to calculate distance. It varies a lot with nearby obstacles.

I dont want exact distance estimation, if sketch works normally ill be happy and it2s enough for me

ZIgbee and its RSSI are not at all made for such projects. In an open farmland, you may observe RSSI of -45 dbm and indoor it may be of -80dbm for same distance measured.

Better opt for some IR or Ultrasonic sensor for this purpose.