I need firmware

I need firmware for AccelePort 8r 920 PCI serial card, 8 port. P/N 5000490-05, S/N V93305918.

All data in the eprom AM27C512 is FF.

P.S. Sorry, for my english. :slight_smile:

This product does not use a seperate firmware file as its part of the driver itself. All you’d need to do to get the latest firmware is upgrade the driver to the newest release, for whichever operating system you’re using.


Whether there is enough check of the AccelePort by the external modem? Or it is better to solder loopback device?

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I don’t understand the question, but no soldering should be needed.

How I can check up work of ports? I can use external modem for test? Or I need special device.

Yes, to check the serial ports and whether they work properly or not, a loopback test is very useful. A loopback plug is sent out with our products. If you do a keyword search on “loopback” in our knowledge base you’ll have access to a number of articles that cover this subject for various operating systems.