Product identification

I have a card in our SUN computer. We need to order another or similar one. I have the following information:
DI P/N 30002342-02 Rev A
P/N 50000490-09 Rev A
S/N V41040248

Please let me know exactly what this card is, and how I can order another or similar one.

This card connects to a DB25 cable which connects to an external 8 port hub. Do you sell those items as well?

The serial number didn’t register, but the part number came up as the following model: AccelePort 8r 128K.

The only AccelePort 8r that we still sell are RS422 models, so I’m wondering if you need a RS422 or RS232 model? If RS232, you’ll probably want to order an AccelePort 8r920 PCI instead. Also, what type of connectors does the external hub have? Are they RJ45 connectors?

I also have this card. It was working very well but now it should run in our Win 2000 Server machine. Unfortunately I don’t find the suitable driver for this card. Can you help me? Thanks.

It is an RS-232, so I will order the AccelePort 8r920 PCI.

The hub has eight DB-25 ports.

The 8r and 8r920 both had the same interface, so you should be able to order your card without cabling option, if you wish to use your existing cabling with it.

Actually, we are setting up a second system and want them to be as identical as possible. So we will need the hub and cable as well.

I’m not sure what hub you’re talking about, since the only hub we make is an RJ45 type. If there’s a Digi part number on that hub we may be able to help you figure out a replacement.

Unfortunately, I could not find a part number on it.
I think it is basically just a breakout box (Black) that is about one foot long and 3 inches wide. It has a large pigtail cable that connect to the AccelPort card via a DB25 connector. The 8 ports on the black box are also DB25 connectors.

When I order the AccelPort, will it come with a break out cable of some sort?

Do I have to order special software to be compatible with my SUN which uses OS 8?

Thanks for all your help.

There are a number of different cabling options you can order with the Acceleport 8r920 PCI, but the two basic choices are Acceleport 8r920 PCI w/DB25 octacable (part# 70001362) or an Acceleport 8r920 PCI without cable (part #77000561).

See the following page for details on the various cabling options available:

If by “also have this card” you’re talking about the Xr920 PCI, the Windows 2000 drivers can be found here: