I/O line passing with multiple xbees


I am trying to create a small network of xbees that will send I/0 signals between the xbees. The network uses a base Xbee, and then there are several Remote Xbees.

The base Xbee receives UART AT commands from a microcontroller to change panID and channels. I want to pass the I/Os from base to a remote, then switch the channel, or panID, and then pass the base’s I/Os to another remote.

I am using the I/Os to control a relay switch at each remote, and when the base is changing channels, the remote xbees I/O will switch rapidly and randomly.

The Xbees work when there is just one to one communication, but changing addresses causes problems.

Does anyone know where i can find information about this? I’ve read through the datasheet but didn’t find any thing specific for this case. Also tried googling but couldn’t find anything specific.

I have figured it out.

I used API mode to remote configure the remote xbees from the base.

after switching channels, i would cause a short delay, then using the API remote configure, i would change the IA parameter to accept all incoming transmissions, then another short delay, and then remote configure the remote xbee to not take any transmissions using the IA parameter. then switch to the next channel and repeat.