I tested XBEE3 Digimesh 2.4, results are not comparable as mentioned

It was mentioned that indoor range is 60m but I observed it around 20m with mesh topology, and when I tested outdoors , even LOS range is approx. 200m and its has been mentioned as 1200m. So I have confusion hat did I miss some setting. I used XCTU tool for configuration. The parameters configured are:- ID,NI, CE-standard router, PL - Highest, CH - C. Is any other parameter need to be configured???

I been working with many small transmitter over the last 25 years and in particular with XBEE module for over 10 years. Thoses numbers can never be matchs in real life. They correspond to the maximum possible range in the best conditions of the universe. If you have 1/3 of that range, consider that very good. We doing security product for personal safety and we need a 1005 reliability so whenever I need to work or develop a products using radio module, I always cut the spec by a factor of minimum 10 to get a result acceptable. So when you read 200M, understand 20M. And so on. Otherwise you will get in trouble (unless your application is as no issue with safety or garantee). So you didn’t miss nothing. You can help the range if you use gain antenna ( directive). In this case you may get close to theorical range but external antenna also have their counterpart ( size, lost in cable, connector).