I want to use 2 xbee's w usb explorers as wireless usb connection between a scan tool multiexer and a tablet pc.

Hello, I would like to use 2 xbee s1, each attached to a usb explorer from sparkfun, as a wireless usb connection between a automotive scan tool multiplexer and the host tablet? I’ve already set the two xbees to see each other’s start and end addresses, and can communicate one to the other in xctu. The Coordinator xbee will connect to tablet, the Router xbee will connect out of the multiplexer connected to vehicle. I soldered a battery pack that has two AA batteries to the Router xbee. I don’t know enough to know if it isn’t working because I’ve got the wrong Baud rates, or if I need to set it to wait to send packets if there’s a lot of info?..or if I don’t have enough power coming out of the multiplexer… unfortunately, Mercedes made it so I can’t change settings in the tablets, oh… i work for mercedes as technician, these scan tools have a D-link dongle that used to talk to the tablet, but they all started losing connection, so we have to connect, from a different non powered usb b port to the tablet now or they’ll lose connection and lock up… and no mercedes has not given us an answer, tho this is a national problem. I just really really really want this factory Mercedes scan tool to be wireless again or I’m going to loose it at work. Can anyone please help?

No this is not going to work as you need to have the drivers for the Scan tool to see it as a physical device. What you are looking for is what is called Wireless USB which is not what this is.

Thank you for the answer. Would you mind if you could, why is it that the xbees can’t do this, is it just that they aren’t strong enough? The description made me think they will just pass on what goes into them. So maybe the they can handle a mouse or joystick inputs, but no big packet info? So then as wireless usb isn’t really much of a thing anymore, are there some things you might recommend that will function like that, like the sik telemetry radio from sparkfun or the esp line of wireless solutions?.. oh and the usb doesn’t need the drivers because it’s plug and play? So with this scan tool when there’s a usb connected you marry the multiplexer to the tablet, so as long as the tool thinks there’s a usb connected it will marry. Are any of the old wireless usb self powered, battery powered? Thanks a lot if you’re able to make any sense of all my questions…I’m so mad at mercedes for constantly blowing it in this area, Mini, sorta Ford, some Japanese makes use almost identical set up and never, never, never have this kind of problem…ugh