I want to use WrPortExt and RdPortExt in my program.

So I need the library IOE_RD.zip.It has been told that it is available in the Z-world Bulletin board.But I didn’t find it anywhere in the digi forum->home->knowledge base.Where should I find it ?Is this library required for using the above mentioned commands ?
On using these commands,the following error is been shown:
1.Reference to ‘RdPortExt’ has no corresponding prototype.
2.Undefined (but used) global label WrPortExt


That library and function is obsolete. You can use WrPortE() instead. Look up the function description in Dynamic C.


SYNTAX: void WrPortE(unsigned int io_port, char *PORTShadow,
int data_value);

PARAMETER1: address of external I/O port.

PARAMETER2: Address of variable shadowing current value of port
or NULL if shadow support is not desired or needed.

PARAMETER3: value to write to port.

DESCRIPTION: Writes an external I/O port with 8 bits and updates
shadow for that port.