I would like to get an advice about choosing right module.

I would like to ask about hardware.
I am doing some sort of automation in farm. Boxes where modules will be is stainless steel. Max range is 200 meters so there are metals, cages, walls in the range. But i would like to make a mesh to control them from another building. I am thinking about 868LP modules.
To be more specific, there will be one stationary point to control 10 moving devices in one farm building. Moving devices will be made from stainless steel so antenna has to be outside the box? How about protection from water, IP? I am from Europe so i read that 868MHz is free to use. So should i use 868LP modules in all devices? And is 868LP module good for my project?
Thank you :slight_smile:

You can contact Digi Sales person of your region and discuss about your requirement. Digi folks can help you better