IAP with Uniform protocol

Hi Everybody,
I want to connect an Instromet made ultrasonic meter serial port to the ethernet network via IAP. Service software running on my PC in the office would supervise the meter remotely.
The meter has a non standard protocol (called Uniform). The meter acts as a master device (sends out message once per second) but can also act as a slave device. It will respond to queries sent from the service software.
All messages are framed into 6 starting characters and 6 ending characters.
I tried many different setting of the custom protocol of the IAP with no success.
Has anybody have similar application?
Could you help me?

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The DOIAP “custom protocol” cannot handle any asymmetrical protocols. thus is must ALWAYS be 1 poll = 1 response; it could never mix a master-which-can-also-be-slave. It cannot even handle protocols like DF1 or Mitsubishi which have ACK/NAK.

Have you tried the TCP Sockets profile? This allows the host PC to connect to the DOIAP (or a DOIA would work). There is an option for auto-connect if you want the DOIAP to connect to the PC. Setting a rapid TCP Keepalive will help the single socket recover and be reusable.

If you desire the multi-master ability, then it is a bit trickier.

Thank you.
It appeared that setting the RealPort profile does solve my problem.
I learned that “try first the simpliest solution”.
Anyway thanks for spendig time for answering.