Identify JTAG device in S/W?

Is there a way to determine whether the code’s running on a JTAG-enabled or a ‘regular’ ME/ME9210?

(I’m talking about when running the code from flash in a standalone situation, not during debugging)

The following API call may help you out. The function, “are_we_in_debugger”, located in netos7X/src/bsp/init/armX/NCC_INIT.c returns a Boolean indicating if a debugger is present or not. More information on this function can be found in the API reference guide under the “Miscellaneous” category.

BOOLEAN are_we_in_debugger (void);
Return values
Value Description
0 No debugger detected
1 Debugger detected

Thanks for that, but not quite what I’m looking for. I want to tell whether or not I’m running on the JTAG hardware platform, even with the JTAG emulator not connected (so that I can enable/disable use of the second serial port)