If security is enabled in the network, how to replace an existing coordinator in a network with a new physical device?

I tried to establish the redundant system in secure network(EE=1) by using two coordinator, this is active - standby configuration. two coordinator don’t work at the same time. If master coordinator is not working, i want to change slave coordinator soon. Can I establish this system with zigbee coordinator?

A Zigbee mesh network does not offer an option for a 2nd coordinator. But there are options in the firmware where you can determine if a Coordinator does exist in the network. If there is no Coordinator, then there are steps listed in the “Replacement of a Coordinator” section of the manual you can follow for replacing a Coordinator.

Does this work if security is enabled?

Both security and the ability to replace a device would seem to be absolutely critical.

It does not matter if Security is enabled or not. You can’t have two coordinators in the same network. With that said, there are directions in the XBee Zigbee manuals for how to replace a Coordinator in a network.

I understand you can’t have more than one coordinator whether Security is on or not, but the directions on replacing the coordinator are for when security is disabled. Is it possible to replace the coordinator if security is enabled?

If you look at the Zigbee specifications, when using encryption, you need to issue a network reset to replace the Coordinator. That is by design.