How do I add a new Coordinator to an existing XBee network?

How do I add a new Coordinator to an existing XBee network?

I’ve successfully configured an XBee Mesh network using 7x XBee S2C TH units.

2x XBee S2C TH units are configured as End Devices, Low Power (Battery Operated) Telemetry Devices which sleep for 60 seconds then very briefly wake and transmit 4 analog values and the supply voltage then sleep again.

4x XBee S2C TH units are configured as Routers, Always On (Mains Powered) Telemetry Devices which transmit 1 analog values and the supply voltage every 60 seconds.

1x XBee S2C TH units is configured as Coordinator running in API mode. Always On (Mains Powered) Data Receiver. This unit is receiving all analog values and supply voltages from the 2x End Devices and the 4x Routers.

For several weeks all components have been working fine and the telemetry data is being received. Great!

Today the XBee S2C TH Coordinator malfunctioned and I’ve had to replace it with a new unit. I’ve tried configuring the new Coordinator but it is NOT recognising the existing XBee Mesh network or any of its components. I don’t really want to have to start again and disassemble the network. The new Coordinator has been configured with the identical settings as the original.

Coordinator Settings (All default except the following):
Coordinator Enabled CE = 1
API Enabled AP = 1
ZigBee Extended PAN ID is set to ID = AAAA

How do I add this new Coordinator to my existing XBee Mesh network?

BTW I’m using the latest XCTU v6.2 application on a Windows 7 (64bit) Workstation. All XBee S2C TH units are loaded with the latest Firmware Version 4059.

Page 53 of the manual describes the steps needed to replace the Coordinator. It may be easier to simply power a new coordinator up and then issue a Global network reset from one of the other nodes within the network. Or use the Watch dog timer functions on the routers.

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an old question but I’m battling to replace my coordinator as I’m changing to s2c devices, the old coordinator ( prototype system ( was a pcb antennad unit wheras i now want one with a decent gain omnidirectional )

The manual says to use the II at command to reset the 16 bit OP ID to the one from the old co-ordinator.

There is no such command so the manual is wrong for a start.

I just tested the command and it worked fine for me.


Yes the command are there. they just may not be displayed in the Mode configuration screen. Try using AT Command mode direct and you will find them.