Replacing a coordinator (security disabled only)


Having read the above section on page 39 of the user manual, would I be correct in thinking that it is not actually possible to replace a coordinator in a network where security is enabled?

I plan to fit an XBee module to a PCB that performs other control functions, the XBee acting as an RS485 cable replacement. If our PCB fails for any reason, it will be essential to replace it quickly and with minimum effort. I realise that I have to record the PAN ID, channel number and stack profile and reprogram the replacement, which is OK, but I cannot go around all of the routers/endpoints to reset them because the environment will not permit it (store opening hours)

Is there any way to replace a coordinator in a secure network, or should I just turn security off?



Nice… I had the same doubt… any explanation is appreciated.
In any case, I’ll try to perform a coordinator replacement with security by myself when I have some time to test.

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Hi Marcel, I received this response to my question from Digi:

"If encryption is used, you cannot replace a coordinator. The reason for this is that with encryption the frame counter is compared and if the counter from the new coordinator is less than the count of the previous packet received in the network then it will not be a valid encrypted packet. The only way to get around this would be to reset the network(so all the counters reset). Sending an NR1 command from one of the routers would broadcast the reset. To do this their application would need to be able to handle a network reset with new 16 bit address assignments. "

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