How can I replace a coordinator in a Zigbee Network (security disabled)?

Dear All,

Understand that this question has been dealt with in detail in the datasheet and in different postings on this forum. However, I would like to get a bit more detail on setting the 16-bit PAN ID (II) and the scan channel bitmask (SC) on the new coordinator. I am using the X-CTU software for setting the parameters on the new coordinator and have configured the coordinators in API mode (old and new). I am using the XBee S2C model for all devices on the network, with the rest of the nodes configured as routers.

I am unable to find the option to set the 16-bit PAN ID on the new coordinator using the X-CTU GUI (no edit option). If I need to issue commands to do this, kindly let me know the exact commands or point me to the relevant section in the datasheet. I believe there must be some API frame which should be able to do this. I have noticed that a power cycling on the routers enables them to join the new coordinator without changing the SC and II values. Issuing a global network reboot using any attached router on the network would also help in achieving my goal. A pointer in this direction is also welcome.

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Ashara, both methods of what you have mentioned are the Preferred ways to change a coordinator. That is simply issue a Global network reset (ATNR1) on a local node.

The hard way is to follow the steps in the manual via the terminal emulator and manually issuing the AT commands.

Example: replace a coordinator (security disabled)

Read the OP, OI, CH, and ZS commands on the running coordinator.
Set the CE, ID, SC, and ZS parameters on the new coordinator or load coordinator firmware on the module, followed by WR command to save these parameter values.
Turn off the running coordinator.
Set the II parameter on the new coordinator to match the read OI value on the old coordinator.
Wait for the new coordinator to start (AI = 0).

Hi mvut,

It worked for me perfectly. However, I just did the following:

  1. Powered off the old coordinator.
  2. Set identical PAN ID on the new coordinator.
  3. Issued an ATNR1 command from a connected router on the network.

Was I lucky that I got it working or do I need to take care of anything else in future to get it right every time?

Thank you.


The NR1 was the trick. That is the fast way to change coordinators and the way I do it.