Configuring New Coordinator Problems

I’ve tried to follow the instructions on page 53, 54 but have got a little stuck.

Example: replacing a Coordinator (security disabled)

  1. Read the OP, OI, CH, and ZS commands on the running coordinator.
  2. Set the CE, ID, SC, and ZS parameters on the new coordinator, followed by WR command to save these parameter values.
  3. Turn off the running coordinator.
  4. Set the II parameter on the new coordinator to match the read OI value on the old coordinator.
  5. Wait for the new coordinator to start (AI=0).

Old Coordinator Values
OI = F939
CH = 16
ZS = 0

New Coordinator Values
CE = 1
SC = ???
ZS = 0
II = ???

Q1, How do I calculate the new SC Scan Channel bitmask as my Old Coordinator CH Operating Channel is 16?

Examples of the SC Channel Bitmask in the User Guide p53
0x0B = 0x0001
0x17 = 0x1000

Examples of the SC Channel Bitmask in the XCTU description
Bit 15 = Chan 0x1A
Bit 0 = Chan 0x0B

Q2, How do I set the II value using the XCTU Configuration Screen, I can’t seem to find the parameter anywhere?

I would suggest using my computers Calculator in Programmer mode. This will allow you to then determine the Hex value to enter into the SC command.

You need to set the II command via AT command mode and the terminal function.

I don’t have a problem understanding Hex values or using a calculator but I do have a problem converting CH 16 to a bitmask SC, any further clues?

I’m unfamiliar with the XBee AT Command set, could you elaborate on this and how to set this up?

Try using a Hex 10 for the CH value. That should bring up the Non PRO version of the XBee ZB module on channel 16. I did this by using the BIN function on my calculator and using Bit 0 as the lowest channel. Then using the Hex function to convert it to Hex.

NOT UNDERSTAND? I have to find the SC bitmask Hex value that when entered on the XBee S2C TH makes CH = 16.
I think it is 0x8000
I have no idea where you get 0x10 from, dodgy calculator maybe.

I used a beta version of XCTUNG is what I used.

May I suggest looking at,_Zigbee. It may help you with your bit mask.