Import, export coniguration file

Hello Support,

I need to implement to save, import, and export system configuration files. I can save configuration data into flash , but I don’t know how do I extract configuration file.
Is there anybody know this problem?



You do not say what OS you are using, but if you are using NetOS then I believe that you wil need to write some code. The configuration can be read using customizeReadDevBoardParams(). This can then be writen to a file on the file system. FTP or the Web server can then be used to get the file. This will provide a means of obtaining the current configuration and saving it.

To update a configuration the file will need to be sent to the file system and then more code is required to decode it and write to the configuration area. The CLI or Web server could be used to control the operation of the code that is developed.


I missed my os environment. I am using netos60.
I am already using web server application with netos60.
Can you send me example code for configuration file i/o?