ImportError: no module named ????

Hello, i am trying to test the UART connection in the xbee grove board, but when I am trying to import the UART LIBRARY i have this error “ImportError: cannot import name UART”.
I have this error with many other libraries like digi so I need a way to import the class or the library to the lib file in the file manager of XBee or if there is another good solution for my problem.
i need this lib to make the connection between xbee3 and esp32 so it is very important to use this library.

Try, from machine import UART

I did it but it is the same answer and when I execute dir(machine) [----] uart is not included inside the result so uart class is not in the machine module.

I’m not familiar with the Grove but double check in your getting started guide if there’s a different method for uart. For example on the xbee3, sys.stdin/out is the primary uart. Also make sure you’re on the latest firmware. The uart libs should be baked in into the stock firmware.

I have the last firmware, and I want to use UART lin for secondary UART . in the Xbee3 user guide they wrote many examples using UART lib but I can’t find this lib in the machine module dir(machine) –>[] there is no uart class in the response