In extended sleep mode, Xbee pulls too much voltage and MCU wakes up thinking pin = Low

Dear Community,

I have made my own temperature and RH sensor using your Xbee units connected to an ATMEGA 328P microcontroller. The transmission works fine and the problem I am having is that when the Xbee is in extended sleep mode (more than 1 min) the xbee wakes in between and while it does, it lowers a little bit the operation circuit voltage and the Micro Controller thinks the wake up pin has been turned to LOW and wakes up consuming precious battery mA. Is there a way I can fix this? I thought of decoupling capacitors. Can you please give me some recommendations? sketches or values of capacitors.

Thank you very much,


Luiis, what pins are you referring to? What pin draws more current that is waking your processor? You should be using the On Sleep pin to wake your processor with.