End device wake up MCU by interrupt

An end device and a MCU connected to the end device are in the sleep mode normally.

I would like to use a request from the coordinator to wake up the end device, and then the end device send a interrupt to the MCU to wake it up from the sleep mode.

That is the function I would like to achieve. Do you have any idea about which mode and pins I should use to implement this.


I would use 802.15.4 modules. One coordinator and one sleeping end device. Next have your processor monitor the On Sleep pin.

Thanks, I know on the xbee module, there is a pin (Pin 13) to indicate the status of the xbee module, but this pin become high when the xbee is asleep, even there is no data received from the coordinator.

I would like to wake the MCU (connected to the xbee module) up only when data is received from the xbee. Otherwise, the MCU should keep in the sleep mode to save energy.

So this pin is not 100% precent prefect to be used as the interrupt for the MCU. I would like to know if you have any other suggestions?

Try the RTS pin (Pin 16).

I decided to use Remote AT Command to set an DIO pin as the interrput signal for the MCU connectted to the end device. Seems to be quite reliable.