XBEE End Device, Wake and transmit on pin change?


My problem is simple. Let’s hope it has a simple solution. I have an Xbee Series 2 (So it says on the PCB, code: XB24-Z7WIT-001) with End Device firmware XB24-ZB version 2970, End Device API.

I want my end device to sleep all the time, but when one of the input pins, (say DIO4), is pulled low and then back up (by a momentary switch), it will transmit a message to the coordinator informing it of this action (the switch having been pressed). That’s all it has to do, it doesn’t need to respond to any messages, just transmit when the button has been pressed.

Also, when the switch is pushed, the message should preferably arive at the coordinator within a second.

I have tried all kinds of configuration with IO sampling and using the Sleep pin, but I am not sure how to configure and connect to the switch to allow the Xbee to wake up and transmit.

Hopefully I was clear in explaining my intentions,



Set the ‘IC’ parameter for the pin with the switch. But I think you first need to Wake the module for this to work.
This could be done with a little bit of sequencing hardware.