In PyCharm, how to turn existing Project into a Digi Project?

I made a Digi Project by pressing “New Digi Project…” under the File Tab in the Ribbon. The project then has the Digi features, such as “Select and XBee device” and a “Digi” Tab in the Ribbon.

However, when I open the folder from a different computer, the project becomes a regular Pycharm project. I no longer have the additional Digi features. (Even though the Digi plugin is installed, and I can create new Digi Projects here too).

Is it possible to convert an existing Pycharm project into a Digi Project?

Hello @RiceAllDay,

I’m afraid there is not such option. When you open a folder with PyCharm, the IDE generates a hidden folder inside called “.idea”. This folder contains some metadata and settings about the project, including the Digi Python or Digi MicroPython facet in case you created a Digi project.

It could happen that when you copied the project from a PC to the other one, this folder was not included and PyCharm handled it as a standard Python project as it couldn’t find the Digi Python or MicroPython facet.

My suggestion is to create an empty Digi project and then copy there the contents of the other project.


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@ diegoe

Thank you for your answer, it helped me find the source of this problem.

In the hidden folder called “.idea” that you mentioned, there is a “workspace.xml” file, which contains the metadata settings for the Digi facets. This file is included in the “.gitignore” file.

This means that if a Digi Project is uploaded to a GitHub repository, then the “workspace.xml” will be excluded. This is what caused my initial problem. Therefore, removing this line from the “.gitignore” file fixed the issue.

For anyone else who experiences this problem, perhaps consider this solution too.