Inactivity Disconnect

I have a TS8 installed remotely telnetting to a host site via cable connections (cable access at remote and host) over the Internet. The terminals on the port server are configured to auto-telnet to the host. I have “checked” the “Stay Alive” checkbox, but I am still experiencing inactivity disconnects after about 20-30 minutes. The PC’s on the network do not experience the same problem, even though they are telnetting to the same host over the same cable connection.

Has anyone experience this same problem? Will “Realport” resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


Two things I could recommend.

Make sure you’re on the latest firmware for your Portserver. You can get this firmware from, then enter in your product/OS combo.

If that doesn’t work, make a copy of your configuration with the “cpconf term” command, then call Technical Support.

As for Realport, the driver allows you to manage the serial ports from the OS rather than via Portserver hardware settings. Perhaps that would work out better for you. Also, the driver is designed with spurious network outages in mind, it reconnects without losing any data. It may be a good thing for you to try and compare.