is there a way to auto disconnect connections based on a rule

we got the Port-server TS 16.
our desired configuration is as follow:

On one side “A” - serial connection from the TS port to a medical machine.

the other side “B” is a PL/SQL tcp connection to that same port which ‘listens’ for signals from A

when “B” sends a signal, “B” side gets it and
The data is being transferred back and forth from one side to the other through the TS.

when using the web interface of the TS -> clicking disconnect, ends the tcp_connection just fine
(we tried configure it using ‘Real-Port’ conf.)

we are experiencing the following issues:

  1. there are times when both sides (“A” and “B”) stop ‘talking’ to each other. it can happen when there is a power cut of the TS, reboot, etc.

for example, on a reboot of the TS -> the TS does not kill the TCP_connection, so “A” side is hanging there for ever not as a click using the web interface on the ‘disconnect’ which kills the tcp_connection fine.

so the Q is
is there a way of configuration (even not with Realport mode but we prefere it) that will prevent this hanging
or a way to AUTO detect and disconnect cases when two sides are not really connected to eachother.

thank you! we need your help

It sounds like the keep-alive setting will suit your needs: