Increasing the TCP connection limit on an X2/X4?


Is there a way to up the TCP connection limit on the Connectport? It’s set at 128 by default, but the X4 at least has plenty of capacity to go beyond that, and we’re starting to hit the limit. Here’s how to see the limit from the telnet terminal:

#> display sockets

Socket Status:

Total Sockets : 128
Free Sockets : 75
Used Sockets : 53
IP Network Sockets : 49
Device Sockets : 3
File Sockets : 0
Mesh Sockets : 1

Maximum TCP Sockets : 128
Used TCP Sockets : 41

I just can’t seem to find a way to set it to something higher.


  • Jason

No, this is sadly an deep RTOS issue, and nothing you can change.

The very low-level sockets handles are 7-bit bytes. There has been repeated discussion about trying to make them 8-bit bytes, but unfortunately it is not as easy as just using 255 sockets. Some sections of code treat it as a signed 7-bit or assume there won’t be sign-extension to larger ints, etc, so there could be deep debug requirements.