Number of socket connections on a ConnectPortX4


Is there any maximum number for the socket connections initiated between a ConnectPortX4 and the host pc?

I am using the Digi’s example code ‘PC Companion Application’ and the ‘’ script, and would like to know if I can communicate with about 50 XBee modules by initiating a socket server in the ConnectPort for each of the modules.

Thank you very much in advance

Yes, the entire X4 is (today) limited to 128 sockets - but of course web browsers and other functions need some of those as well. The very fact that you ‘listen’ on a port for your 50 xbee modules consumes another port, so 51 instead of 50.

50 is approaching the maximum, but should be doable. The X4’s IA/Modbus engine tends to document as 60 the maximum number of incoming masters.

Do remember that each new port might consume about 100K of RAM, so this implies you’d also need about 50x100 (or 5MB) of free RAM before you try this. A 32Mb RAm X4 should be okay - an older 16MB one certainly won’t be.

Lynn, thank you very much for your help and advise.