IndexError being thrown by getnodelist

A customer has had a piece of code running on various gateways without any problems for about 18 months.

They’ve recently received a ConnectPort X4 gateway running firmware version (Version 82001536_L 07/25/2012). On this gateway calling xbee.getnodelist() when there are battery powered sensors present sometimes results in an IndexError exception with the message “tuple assignment index out of range” being thrown; once it’s been thrown once then subsequent calls to getnodelist() result in the same exception being thrown.

If there are only mains-powered (permanently on) sensors on the network, then it all works fine, and as I say, the same code running on other gateways has been working fine for over 18 months.

Has anyone seen anything similar?

Thanks for any help.

After advice from Digi support, the gateway firmware was upgraded from (Version 82001536_L 07/25/2012) to (Version 82001536_L1 08/23/2012), and this fixed the problem.