Xbee kit - Demo applet problem


I resently received the Drop-in Networking Professional Development kit. When going trough the manual i got to the point of the demo application. I have uploaded it to my gateway en tried running it using the following command line:

python EmbeddedKitService.py

After a while the system returns the following lines:

Starting up…
Ready for incoming requests!
Discovering nodes…

So far so good…
But then it returns the error:

Exception in thread WPANSerialEndpoind:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “WEB/python/embedded_kit_gateway.zip/threading.py” line 442, in __bootst rap
File “WEB/python/EmbeddedKitManager.py”, line 496, in get_bindings_hash_list hash_list = [self._bindings.bindings[k].to_hash()
File “WEB/python/EmbeddedKitManager.py”, line 38, in to_hash return {
IndexError: list index out of range.

Due to this error it is not possible to view the nodes in the windows demo application.

I am abble to view all nodes in the webinterface.

What might cause this error? How can i fix the error?


“index out of range” generally means the Embedded Kit Gateway Viewer “thinks” there’s more devices on your PAN than it can actually create sockets for.

Please check the WebUI > Applications > Python > Autostart Settings page to ensure none of the python scripts are set to Auto-start (this helps avoid an “error 22”), then reboot the CP-X8.

When it comes back online, check the box for “Clear list before performing refresh” in the WebUI > Configuration > XBee Network screen, then hit the Refresh button. Once the screen has been refreshed, try clicking on the extended address of each of the devices in your PAN to ensure the CP-X8 can talk to them.

When the above is successful, please run through the following article to get the Viewer working: