initializing CS0 for NS7520


I am trying to write a java test case for a ns7520 board with eclipse.
My debugger is usbWiggler.

My problem is about initializing the flash.
As on this kind of boards, flash has attached to CS0, I have to configure CS0.

My own configuration is like this, but it does not work !

// Configure CS0(flash)
		int memory_controller1[] = { 0x02000001 };
		int memory_controller2[] = { 0xF3C00574 };
		int memory_controller3[] = { 0x00000004 };

		boolean result5 = ma.WriteMemory(0xffc00010,
				ma.DecodeAddressSpace("MMU-off"), false, memory_controller1);
		boolean result6 = ma.WriteMemory(0xffc00014,
				ma.DecodeAddressSpace("MMU-off"), false, memory_controller2);
		boolean result7 = ma.WriteMemory(0xffc00018,
				ma.DecodeAddressSpace("MMU-off"), false, memory_controller3);

Thanks in advance,

do the same register values work if set via JTAG debugger? directly through the debugger’s prompt or via debugger’s shell?

via C code?
look at
void customizeSetupCS0(WORD32 * ramSize)