Programming steps

I need to know the programming steps of the NS7520 with a JTAG. I do a new hardware based on this chip, and I wonder how to program this chip. In my schematics I have wired JTAG like in the development board but I don’t undestand how the program goes into flash. What should I do in my hardware for that? I also need to know how to specifie which CS goes with such device. How does the NS7520 for knowing where is flash memory the first time I program it? Is there something like a bios system? If you have some advice on the design of a new hardware, I would be please. Thanks Julien.

1)For loading your *.bin file into flash, you either need a) a special flash loader software or b) you run the naftpapp in debugger and load the firmware into flash by using any ftp client software (I have no experience in this…) For example if you have Macraigor’s Raven, you need Macroaigor’s “OCD Programmer” software to load directly into flash. If start loading data into flash, the software first configures the Netsilicon’s internal registers, so that flash can be accessed correctly. This configuration is saved in an ".ocd file which you have write on your own. 2) At hardware reset, the CS configuration registers are initialised so that CS0 is at address 0. Also code execution starts from address 0. So you just have to connect flash (or any memory that contains the initialisation code) to CS0. Also, there are some hardware lines on which you can make some startup configuration by pulling them up/down.

I forgot to mention: I work with Net+50, not NS7520. I guess there are no big differences in this basic stuff.