Install Realport driver on Real Time Linux running on ARM cortex A9 CPU based Controller

I have a NI compactRio-9068 controller with ARM Cortex A9 CPU and runs with NI Real Time Linux kernel: 3.2.35-rt52-1.0.0f1. This specific Linux kernel is from Angstrom distribution and has OPKG as package manager in place of standard RPM.

I would like to use Digi PortServer TS 8 for new project. I checked the Digi online support page where drivers for various Linux distributions are provided but those are not directly applicable for my kernel. I am looking for some guidance about how to install Realport driver on this controller.

Anybody has any experience with installing Realport drivers/module on embedded real time linux platform? I would guess, I will have to recompile driver package.

Also I am not sure if Realport driver/SW works on ARM architecture.

Unfortunately, the Digi RealPort driver is not supported on real-time kernels.