Installation on Suse

Has anyone successfully installed the Linux-based development software (V5) onto a platform other than Ubuntu?

Although I’ve not done much with Suse, I have learned my way around, and find that in comparison Ubuntu appears rather ‘dumbed down’ and forces an unfamiliar way of working. Overall I’d prefer not to have to learn another Linux-based platform if possible.

I’ve had a go at installation, without success, and suspect I primarily need to get file and directory permissions right, because of the clear distinction between root and normal users in Suse.

it should work fine. I’m using it on Slackware. Just be carefull if you are using Digi Embedded linux 5.1 or earlier based on Eclipse v3.4 it may have Eclipse based conflict if your distribution is fresh and is using eclipse v3.5. You will need to use DEL 5.2 to be compatible vith Eclipse 3.5 based distributions.