Digi Linux v5 - Super improvements!

I installed the new Linux v5 the other day. There are super improvements in this release over Linux v4.2! The Kubuntu desktop is nicely configured with lots of useful tools and utilities for development. DigiESP also has some nice improvements although I am just beginning to explore them all today. I will very much enjoy working with this upgrade. Good work Digi people!

Hint: Do not accept the automatic upgrade from Kubuntu v8 to Kubuntu v9.04 unless you are a KDE power user. I did, and for me it messed up all of the great KDE desktop settings. The upgrade leaves you with a bare desktop (no menus, no tray or “start” button. Just an icon for KDE widgets). I probably could have spent a half day trying to restore it, but a quick reinstall of v8 was simpler and quicker. Stay with Kubuntu v8 unless your good at KDE.


Where do I get this new Version? My Board was shipped with a 4.2.

Thx, Fritz.

Check with your sales rep. If you recently bought you might be able to ugrade to 5.2 for free. Otherwise DEL (Digi Embedded Linux)upgrade DVD is available for purchase.