Interruptcontroller irq-mapping

Hi,The manual does not exactly say where the register ISRAW, ISRA are connected to. Are they connected to Interrupt-Source lines or to the (Priority remapped) inputs of the Priority encoder ? So my question is: which of the following functions does the same like the Interrupt controller on the NS9750 ? /* israw connected to interrupt source lines / void Sysco_PostIrq(int isource_nr) { setbit(isource_nr,sysco->sys_israw); ARM9_PostIrq(); } / israw connected to the outputs of the remapping multiplexers */ void Sysco_PostIrq(int isource_nr) { int intid; intid=intid_map[isource_nr]; setbit(intid,sysco->sys_israw); ARM9_PostIrq(); } Jochen