Is a Software Gateway Available for Xbee?


I am a beginner to Xbee. I have been exploring the concept of Xbee gateways, and it appears to me that I have to buy an Xbee Gateway inorder to stream data to cloud. But I was able to hookup xbee to an ESP32 and deconstruct the API packets and take the sensor values and send it to the cloud.

So my question is if ESP32 can do it, what is the true advantages of using a proprietary Gateway. Why does such gateway’s exist.

Thank You

The gateways offer a Physical hardware interface that offers and Ethernet, WIFI, or Cellular connection to send the data to and from a cloud or other server. They also offer a processor in which you can write and host an application that can do what ever functions you desire. That is, they can take the data that comes in over a Zigbee, Digi Mesh or network, look at that data, determine what to do with that data. Then send the data when desired.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for taking the time to clear my doubt. Still I have
my doubts regarding the gateway. From your reply I have concluded that

  1. Gateway Provides Physical Interface to convert protocols - for cloud or any other purpose
  2. It offers an inbuild computing unit to process the data and determine what to do with the data

With my beginner knowledge I would say that both these can be done by any other boards like the ESP32 i have used.

So is there a clear benefit to buying the xbee propriety gateway, than for the good software, documentation and support that comes along with the hardware.


Yes, it also comes with the enclosure that the other does not. It also comes with the necessary Certifications to operate the device legally where by the other does not. That means you would need to perform the necessary Certification testing which can cost as much as 40K or more.