Is Digi AnywhereUSB Manager supported in a VMware Horizon environment?

We are reviewing applications that can be converted to our VMware Horizon 8.1 environment. Can the Digi AnywhereUSB Manager be installed in a VMware Horizon Instant Clone environment? And, if yes, is it supported? Is there an install guide for how to install/setup in a VMware environment?

Hi CraigC,

To answer your question, we don’t test the AnywhereUSB Manager software in any particular Virtual Machine software or other, since your AnywhereUSB Manager software is only tested with the various Operating System environments its designed to run in, as listed here on the product’s specifications page:

That being said, those Operating Systems typically run on top of your Virtual Machine environment, so as long as all other conditions are met to run the Operating System in your Virtual Machine, the AnywhereUSB Manager software should install into the supported Operating Systems on that list without issue.

If issues are encountered however, you’ll want to contact Technical Support after registering your product at the following link as your next step:

not sure what this “Instant Clone” means. If it means you have a guest OS firmware image, which is cloned on demand to a VM including all pre-installed drivers and settings, you need to make sure that only one of these Clones is active at the same time.

The driver connects to the hub with a client-ID and a certificate exchanged on first contact. A client-ID might only occur once, and the certificate has to match what the hub got from the client when it connected first time.

So if you prepare an operating system image for the VM, it should be an image from which you once connected successfully before to the hub.

Otherwise if several instances of this image are ran, you might see “wrong client certificate” messages, or if several VMs with the same image are ran, you might get “duplicate client-ID” or “client already connected” or just a connection refused.