Is it posible to setup xbee s2 end station to send id to coordinator


If you use API mode on the Coordinator, any data being receive via RF Port and out the UART will include the 64 bit MAC address of the originating radio.

We are a group of students that have an assignment for a customer, to make a system that contains of five NV08C-RTK GPS- receivers, where one is a Base station and the other four are Rovers. We are using Xbee pro s2 to communicate between the units. The Base station will receive NMEA signal from the different Rovers, and send back RTCM correction signals. We need to have an address for each Rover the NMEA signal is coming from, this is to separate between them, and know who is who. We have try to use API mode whit some luck, but we was unable to send correction signals back to the Rovers. We need some help whit the API mode, and we are a little short of time.
Is this possible to use API mode, or do we need to use micro controllers.
Kind regards

If you are able to write your own application, then you should be able to do this either with a PC or micro processor/controller using the API interface. You might even want to go and look at what code exists for the arduino processor…