Is it possible to leave the network and join another by changing the PAN ID?

Hi everyone,

I have 2 coordinator and 1 router devices in my application.

The locations of the coordinators are fixed so I know everything about these devices. Pan Id, operating channel, coordinates, etc.

The router device is moving around the place and I want to know where it is. In order to do this I will send the location info to coordinator every second. However, I need to leave the network of coordinator1 and join the network of coordinator2 very fast. I am changing the PAN ID programmatically to leave the current network and join the other one but it takes almost 6 second to join the network.

Can I reduce the joining duration to network less than 1 second so that I can send the location info every second to coordinator?

SC: 1 (0x0b)
SD: 3
Pan Id: 0x0b & 0x0c

SC: 1
SD: 3
Pan Id: non-zero

Could you help on this issue?


No it is not likely that you can reduce the joining time to less than 1 sec with a zigbee mesh based device. Try using the 802.15.4 modules instead. There is no association required and simply changing the ID will accomplish what you want very quickly.