Is there a guide for connecting an XBee S2C Pro to a Zigbee HA 1.2 coordinator?

I’d like to connect sensors to an Amazon Echo Plus using XBee S2C’s. I’ve seen them used as coordinators, but not much information as to how one would quickly prototype an end device sensor with an Arduino, raspberry pi or a PIC processor. Is there a guide, project summary or example that would give me a foundation upon which I could do some rapid experiments?

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Hi, I’m developing a Zigbee 3 Compliant gateway based on Linux which will communicate via UART or USB to a CC2538. Ideally the network topology I’d like to use is Mesh and the gateway will act as coordinator.
I’m struggling understanding the firmware and software stack to use for my goal. I was wondering if you could kindly provide an answer to my questions:

  1. Ideally I’d like to use Z-Stack-Linux but it only supports ZHA. I’ve been also trying to understand if znp-host-framework could be an alternative but it’s not clear if supports Zigbee 3 and if can provide OTA for the devices in the network.

  2. So far I haven’t found any firmware that enables the CC2538 to talk to Z-Stack-Linux allowing Routers and End Devices to join the network using a Link Key.
    I tried using the firmware file included in the znp-host-framework repo (cc2538-znp-120-usb-tclk.hex) and another one found in the forum (ZNP.rar at but both don’t seem to work properly with Z-Stack Linux as Routers and End Devices fail to join (do these binary have Link Key support?). Although I have no problem using Z-Stack-Linux with a CC2531 but that’s not the device I want to use as coordinator.
    I’d like to avoid buying and IAR ARM license for now just to compile a firmware image since I’m not sure this platform is compatible with my requirements (and unfortunately my trial has expired already).

  3. Since being able to upgrade the firmware for the CC2538 in case of necessity is a requirement, can the Serial Boot Loader be used via both USB and UART protocol or does it only supports UART?

Thanks for your help.

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