XBEE USB S2 Firmware which implements zigbee ZStack 2006

Hello , I am trying to communicate an XBee USB S2 with a CC2430 chip in a Net in which the XBee USB S2 would be a Coordinator and the CC2430 would be a Router or an End Device . The CC2430 uses the zstack 2006 of Texas Instruments and the XBee USB S2 firmware uses the zstack 2007 of Texas Instruments .
I would be interested in obtaining firmware for XBee USB S2 which would implement the zstack 2006 because zstack 2007 is not available for CC2430 .

-¿ Do you know any firmware version for the XBee USB S2 which would implement the ZStack 2006 for a coordinator ?

  • ¿ Do you know if it is compatible with the Texas Instrumens Zstack 2006 ?

  • ¿ Do you know which Ember module implements the Zstack 2006 or which Ember module is compatible with the zstack 2006 and in which firmware version for XBEE USB S2 is implemented ?

-¿ Do you know where I could find that firmware versions ?


The XBee firmware is based off the XBee-PRO feature set (2007), which has some backwards compatibility with 2006.

You might be able to join a ZigBee 2006 module as an end device to the XBee by setting the ZS command on the XBee to 1.

I tried to join setting the ZS command to 1 and sometimes was sucessful and sometimes was not successful .

I mean that first I set the following comands in the XBEE USB S2 :

ID 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x02 0x1b

SC 0x1f 0xfe

SD 0x03

ZS 1

NJ 0xff

JN 0x00

OP 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x02 0x1b

CH 0x10

The main parameters in the End Point are :

channel = 0x10;
panid = 0x3a8a;

( the value of the pan id in the end point is suppsoed to be the value of the destination pan id in the fram than the coordinator sends . )

Now I change set the Zs value to 0 and I set in the end point the channel of the coordinator and the PAN ID of the field destination frame that the coordinator sends .
The end point is not logged .

No I set Zs = 1 and set the values os the channel and the PAN ID in the end Point , and the end point is not logged in the coordinator . The only values that have changes are the value of the channel in the coordinator and the value of the destination PAN ID ?
Is there any other parameter in the coordinator which can be important in logging ?