is XBee s2b's firmware (Ember stack version 3.4.1) is compatible with emberznet 4.3.0. ? Please reply me asap.

please assure me whether xbeeS2B will compatible with STM32W108XX Zigbee modules. Please reply me asap.

Shekhar shakti

Our Xbee-PRO ZB S2B modules are ZigBee-PRO Featureset (aka ZigBee 2007) based, but are compatible with ZigBee 2006 as well. Any other stack which supports either ZigBee standard should be able to talk to the Digi Xbee-PRO ZB S2B module, as long as the correct ZS selection is made on the Digi side.

Here is a link to the documentation which discusses this param:

Here’s a quick rundown of the options however:

ZS=0 - Digi’s default, our proprietary/expanded-functionality ZigBee profile, based on ZigBee PRO Featureset

ZS=1 - ZigBee 2006 standard profile
ZS=2 - ZigBee-PRO Featureset (aka ZigBee 2007) standard profile