s2b (routers / end devices) in sleep

Hello everyone, this is my first post, my English is very bad.

I was using modules xbp24b - series 2 - with firmware xbp24-b Znet 2.5 router / end device AT. With this firmware all modules served as routers and could stay in sleep mode, with only a Znet 2.5 coordinator AT.

Now the models of the modules purchased were xbp24b (S2B), which the firmware can I use (point-to-multipoint) being a coordinator and the rest of the modules routers / end devices?
Recalling that should work in sleep mode, as in Znet 2.5.

ZNet is no longer supported by Ember (the chip maker) nor Digi, so the new S2b will not have ZNet firmware. ZNet was a temporary firmware put out by Ember before ZigBee was fully ratified. Now that ZigBee is international standard, ZNet was phased out.

You’ll need to either switch to ZB/ZigBee or talk to your local Digi sales channel for options, but any options they can offer you (like finding old modules) will be short-term.

Lynn is correct, ZNet 2.5 is not supported. You’ll want to update the S2 modules to ZB version 2x64. The S2B modules will use 2x70.

Both firmware versions support coordinator, router, and end device firmware types, in both AT and API versions.