Is there a Rabbit 2000 development board with wait states?

I wonder if there was a development board featuring the original Rabbit 2000 (i.e. not the Rabbit 2000A or later) that has memory that requires wait states.

I do have the Rabbit 2000 TCP/IC development kit, which features an original Rabbit 2000. It is clocked at 18.4 MHz, which if I read table 15-2 in the Rabbit 2000 user manual correctly, means that the K6T1008C2E-70 SRAM and V29C51002T-90 Flash on the board are just fast enough to operate without wait states.
The 18.4 MHz crystal is also too fast to use the clock doubler to get into the range where wait states would be required (as the maximum clock speed the clock doubler can generate is 30 MHz).

I have an RCM2020 with an IQ2T revision processor, and it runs doubled at 22MHz.

I don’t know what the chip markings are for a 2000A, but I’m guessing it would include processors after the IQ2T.

It’s also likely the BL1800 (doubled to 29MHz) at one time shipped with non-2000A hardware.

But based on libraries from Dynamic C 9, I don’t think Digi/Rabbit hardware started using wait states until the 3000-based products with clocks doubled to 44MHz.