RCM5700 and board selection


I just started to play with the 5700 std dev kit (DynC v10.46) and am wandering what to do with the board selection tab of the Project Options dialog.

The 5700 board is said to run at 50MHz, but the only one configuration listed there for the 5700 shows a 25MHz clock. Does it matter ? When trying to input the right frequency in the “Specify parameters” tab, I can’t find a base frequency above 29MHz. Is it correct to input any value there ? If I try to save the settings, a message complains about user settings having to have an ID code starting with 0xFF. What is the ID code used for, and what am I supposed to do here ?

Sorry for these questions which may be stupid, but as a Rabbit newbie, I’m starting from level 0 :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

The crystal on the RCM5700 is 25 Mhz, and that’s what you select. The 50 comes from an internal clock doubler in the Rabbit chip.

Thanks for your quick reply Tom.

I ended up to this conclusion by looking at the quartz with a magnifying glass :wink:

Just for curiosity’s sake I changed the value to 50 to see what happens. The result is : nothing visible. Where has this parameter an influence ?

Best regards.