Where to get Rabbit 2000 and 3000 evaluation boards?

Where can I get evaluation boards for Rabbit 2000 and Rabbit 3000?

While many RCM modules are still available, at Digi-Key, all evaluation boards for Rabbit 2000 are marked “obsolete” and no longer available. All evaluation boards for Rabbit 3000 except for one are marked “obsolete” and no longer available. And that one exception (RCM3600 EVAL BRD), while marked “active” is no available either.

I was just discussing this with someone at Digi, and wondered whether they would release the hardware design files so others can make boards.

I was also envisioning some simple development boards with power supply circuitry and headers (sockets for the core modules and exposed pins corresponding to those sockets) that you could integrate with an existing ecosystem of development hardware.

It would certainly be a niche product without many sales, unless it was designed in a way that someone could design it into a product (e.g., form factor that fits an existing enclosure, or headers to interface with Arduino/RPi “hats”).