What development boards or kits are available for the RCM4300?

I can buy the 101-1288 “RCM4300 RabbitCore 4000 Temperature Sensor Evaluation Kit.” Are any others available? Ideally I would like to buy a development board only, to plug an RCM4300 onto.

Hello, At the below link, You can find the details regarding the RCM4300 module

For more information on how to buy and correct part, please contact Digi’s local sales distributor OR Local sales representative. They will suggest you.

Thank you.

The suggested “RCM4300 RabbitCore Development Kit & Practical Embedded Security Book” 101-1177 is not available and appears to be discontinued. There used to be a 20-101-1153 and 101-1145 Rabbit 4000 evaluation kit and board, but these appear to be discontinued.

If any of those older evaluation kits are available somehow, please let me know.

The “Simple Sensor Application Kit” 101-1288 is available but it’s expensive and more than I need.