What is the future of the Rabbits?

I wonder about the future for the Rabbits. At distributors, a lot of the developemtn boards and RCMs are marked as “not recommended for new designs”.
Here at Digi, when looking at SBC evaluation boards, all Rabbit ones are marked “matured”, while none of the “featured” ones has a Rabbit.

Similar for the µC themselves: E.g. a Digi-Key, the Rabbit 2000 is marked “obsolete”, the Rabbit 3000 “not recommended for new designs”, the Rabbit 5000 is already missing. That only leaves Rabbit 4000 and 6000 as active parts.

Clearly, the Rabbits are rather expensive microcontrollers. I wonder if this is due to old process technology being used? Could a Rabbit 3000 manufactured using a more modern process be more cost-competitive with other µC?

That is something that is best talked about with your Account Manager or Digi Sales. They can be reached via email at sales.questions@digi.com

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To further reduce costs of the system, a Rabbit 3000 manufactured in modern technology should include some memory, as common in modern µC.

I think that many people are moving to ARM-based designs. There are many more development platforms available now than there were when Rabbit products first starting shipping almost 20 years ago.

Rabbit doesn’t have WiFi, Bluetooth or USB.

Maybe take a look at some of Digi’s ConnectCore products running embedded Linux as alternative SBC designs.